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According to legend, Raziel is the author of hebrew the merkavah Sefer Raziel HaMalach known book rabbi (The book judaica of the angel Raziel), judaism "is noted throughout the heavenly and terrestre knowledge" and is considered a book of magic. Raziel says that he wasnear the throne of the god Yahweh, and therefore oia everything is said and discussed here.
When Adam and Eve (the first humans created by Yahweh) tested the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and were expelled from the Garden of Eden Lord, Raziel deliberately gave his book so that the two could find their way to home god and better understand their god. It is said that angels subordinate Raziel were outraged by this attitude of his head (against the direct orders of Yahweh), which religious robbed him and threw him to the ocean. Rahab (demon of the torah deep primary) returned the book to Adam and Eve. (According to others, the Lord decided not to punish Raziel, but recovered the book and returned it to married couples). Pass them to his son Enoch, jews who would later become the angel Metatron. Add text to the original book and I step to the archangel Raphael, who returned it to the Earth, Noe (which he learned to his chest. Then move to Salomon, who also won their strange magical knowledge and mastery over the demons . Since then the book d be gone.
The Zohar (Jewish mysticism masterpiece) ensures that in the Book of Raziel, where there is a secret script to "explain the israeli five hundred thousand keys (to kabbalistic the islamic mystery of the world) that were not revealed even to angeles . Other mystical Jews also claim that "every day the angel Raziel, standing on Mount Horeb, proclaims the secrets of men to all mankind, and he promises to keep."