Conclusion If

It is sad to see many believers who if say servants of God, hand do not possess the power of its Spirit in its lives! This is the second characteristic of the spirit of Geazi: ' ' The power of God does not operate in the life of the Geazidantes' '. Geazi was miserly: In the case of Naam, the Syria general who was cured of leprosy through the ministry of Elizeu, Geazi with extreme avarice coveted values, lay doubly (before Naam and Elizeu) and at the same time it compromised the prophet seriously, transmitting a false message of it the Naam, to get money (II Rs.5 enganosamente: 22-26). This is the third characteristic of the spirit of Geazi: Avarice, that is, love to money (I Tm.6: 10). Geazi did not have faith in God: When Elizeu ordered to distribute 20 breads of barley for 100 men, Geazi questioned. It had a good head to calculate the capacity of the stomach, but a heart without space pra faith in God. Already for Elizeu, the measure of the faith was the measure of the blessing (II Rs.4: 42-44). This is the fourth characteristic of the spirit of Geazi: Incredulity, lack of faith in God (Hb.11: 6).

Geazi was not faithful, it was negligent in the work: Geazi received a mission to prepare a vegetable soup for the children of the prophets, it personally did not examine the certain grass for that meal determined for Elizeu. וד . Also it did not supervise the continuation of the preparation of the related soup. The result was the use of poisonous grass, that they had almost taken the comensais to the death for poisoning, case Elizeu prophet was not by hand for effecting a miracle (II Rs. 4.38-44). This is the fifth and last characteristic of the spirit of Geazi: ' ' Recklessness in trabalho' ' (Prv.18: 9). Conclusion If in this concise article you detected that in its life it has the spirit of Geazi, then, resigns for the power of the name of Jesus. To resign is a faith act and courage of who truily wants to be fully frees for the power of God! (Jo.8: 32). The spirit of Geazi loads obtains hansenase spiritual. Either I free of the spirit of Geazi! Shalom Uvrachot! Peace and benes! Pr. Ronaldo Oak, Bachelor in Theology for the College of Theology and Science of Religion?