Left Hand Coach

It is sometimes said that a coach has "left hand" to lead a team that is determined by reference to ability to manage the staffing of players especially in regard to the personal level, that is what covers the land area could be called psychological. Well, to make mention of the hand might refer to each of his five fingers represent the qualities that the coach must possess a positive for its work in team management. The five sections are as follows: 1 – Preparation: The knowledge you have and your ability to be increasing over time, always learning, especially refined and updated. We must banish the well-known phrase that "in football is all invented" more typical of coaches obsolete and highly unlikely to increase their knowledge either by laziness or for convenience, they say something about "it is worthless" when someone announces something new related to work in training or tactical innovations for parties. 2 – Experience: Cesar Luis Menotti said, world champion in 1978 with Argentina, football is something empirical as it relies mainly on observation and experience and is a great truth, because part of the education and skills the technician is gained over his career, the background acquired over the years will be crucial and the result of daily observation of work in training and development of the games you will have an arsenal of information increasing as time passes. Preparation + Experience: Efficacy. The sum of the two is what gives the coach his true dimension to be trained in their work and develop effectively. .