Then they had gathered, them in the place that in Hebrew if calls Armagedom. Apocalypse of Jesus according to Joo, CAP. 16:16. Who only enters in armagedom wants, God does not hinder the free-will of nobody. Armagedom can materially be a place speaking, where if people congregate to fight until the separation of the physical body or a soul state. The place where the Man must keep to remain in peace is its heart that was made to love.

The person when she runs away from the interior peace and she goes behind the diverse current interests, enters in war. One was stopped inside of it armagedom, and alone it can give end to this personal state. In all God she grants to the Man the solution. God is not the culprit for the belicoso spirit that if takes possetion of the person in the race insane person of everything to desire to get without obeying the Law of the Divine Economy: ' ' You first search the Kingdom of God and its Justice and all the material things you will be acrescentadas' '. Evangelho de Jesus according to Mateus, CAP. 6:33. You do not create a state of war for, therefore she will suffer its consequncias.

Peace appears mounted in the white horse, but the man if moves away from it and goes up in the red horse, because the war is inside of it. To win it is with he himself. To win armagedom internal is to dominate the external ones, that each collective or individual creates; later it fears the proper creation. To fear nothing decides, therefore that the third world-wide war will come, therefore it is in the Apocalypse of Jesus according to Joo, CAP. 11:14: ' ' It passed there as. Here it is that, without delay, it comes third ai' '. However, Jesus, the Planetary Christ, announces its Return to the Planet Land, then, he will have survivors. Either one of that they survive itself same. All the summer: Deixarred a carne fleshes-color and. Therefore, It affirms the survival of many in the physical body in its Apocalypse according to Joo, CAP. 7:9 e10: ' ' After these things, vi, and here it is great multitude that nobody could enumerate, of all the nations, tribes, peoples and languages, in foot ahead of the throne and ahead of the Lamb, white vestment dresses, with palms in the hands; clamavam in great voice, saying: To our God who if seats in the throne, and to the Lamb belongs salvao' '. The Master The holy ghost with this affirms that he will have a great multitude in the Terrestrial Orbe having waited its arrival. confirms that the Planet that It created will be destroyed: ' ' Vi new sky and new land, therefore the first sky and the first land had passed and the sea already not existe' '. Apocalypse of Jesus according to Joo, CAP. 21:1. one more time confirms its Triunfal Return to the Planet of which he is the Founder for order of God: ' ' That one that of the certification of these things says: Certainly, I come without delay. Amen!