History Games

Where to start this computer addiction? Since these many years when one or more mad scientists to come up with the idea as a computer. but! It was created for military purposes. Not yet had the idea to make computers for population. But we will not dig deeply into the history of creation and distribution of computer and we strongly depart from the topic. Here, after the computer went to a commoner, and began to emerge first game.

But what they were look like? To this we can respond to recall them. First there was the 1D-1D remind that this can be seen when only one image plane. And these games are a box that is like riding on the road or move through the maze and pushing objects. After the beginning of the birth of computer-game era, when people began to assemble in groups and create something more massive. They were mostly teenagers as adults do not understand this stupid their opinion waste of time. Became apparent after birth 2D – 3D graphics. How different Quest games, Adventure, RPGs, Strategy, I even want to give you an example of the names of some games, can the older generation will remember them, and those sweet times killing time in front of them: 1) Arkanoid – computer arcade game 1988 release which is based on breaking blocks the ball and bat. 2) Civilization – a computer strategy game, released in 1991.

This is a game everyone should know who is older than 17 years. 3) Digger – computer puzzle game. לאחרונה מצאתי אצל מוטי זיסר אוזן קשבת . When a small machine digs up diamonds. She should know, too everything. 4) Gobliiins – Computer game-quest. Where should 3mya goblins walk and perform different tasks. 5) Lemmings – a computer game lemmings. Where necessary go to strange-looking sodaniyami and meaning the game was the fact that as much as possible of these creatures survived and came to the door. It was one of my yes and I think millions of people loved the game. This list is just huge, and all these games are instilled in all that we play these days. That would not come up with games such as Civilization and Warcraft now we would not have enjoyed the modern strategies of the generals and many others. After all, people had no idea that just will not have much time, and such games as doom see their grandson DOOM3. The system for creating games began to drive more and more graphics effects. And since the '80s to the present day lasts Computer-game era, and the dependence of millions of adolescents and adults play in that either. עוד מידע על רמי יהושע ניתן למצוא באינטרנט. But at least a day not imagine life without this box. It would be easy who do not have on his addictions, and our favorite gamers try to do it. Remove the computer from the daily diet at least 1-2 days and then a week, two and so on in ascending order. This is harder than quitting smoking. Not that it is unrealistic On this article of mine will end.